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Official GMAT Site Links, Register Online for the GMAT Test

Links to specific sections of the official GMAT site - MBA.COM is provided below. The site provides comprehensive information about the GMAT test and information on joining an MBA program.

  1. MBA.Com
    The official site by the Graduate Management Admissions Council on GMAT that provides information for MBA aspirants who plan to take the GMAT test. The site provides all information required by a candidate taking GMAT.

  2. GMAT Test - Online Registration
    You can register online to take to the GMAT Computer Based Test. The GMAT test is administered as a computer based adaptive test in most parts of the world.

  3. GMAT Test - Reschedule / Cancel a test appointment
    You can reschedule an appointment that you have taken for the GMAT test. You can reschedule the time, date or location of your GMAT appointment. Each rescheduling will cost you USD 50. If you were able to schedule an appointment online, then you can reschedule the GMAT appointment

  4. Retake the GMAT Test
    Should you choose to improve your GMAT scores either on your own volition or on the advice of a school to which you have applied, you can retake the GMAT test. However, there are some guidelines regarding this. You may take the GMAT only once per calendar month and no more than five times within any 12-month period. Click here to Retake the GMAT

  5. Understanding and Interpreting your GMAT Scores
    The GMAT score contains two parts. One, your score on the multiple choice questions scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The other score, on a scale of 0 to 6 for your AWA section.

  6. Sending scores to schools
    If you want to send your scores to additional schools, other than the 5 that you have filled up during the GMAT test, you can use the online facility provided at the official GMAT site.

  7. How Schools use your Score?
    Admission officers use your GMAT scores in conjunction with other parameters such as your undergraduate school performance, your essays, reference letters and your professional experience. According to the official site, a student's GMAT score serves as an excellent tool for predicting how well an applicant will do in a graduate business or management program.

  8. Graduate Management Admisssion Council (GMAC)
    The official site of the GMAC body that conducts the GMAT test, registers schools so that they can receive a student's GMAT scores.

  9. Education Testing Service (ETS)
    ETS, conducts a variety of standardized paper based tests and computer based tests such as the GRE, TOEFL. ETS used to conduct GMAT before Pearson started administering the GMAT Test.

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